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Project continuation and second newsletter - "Planting Languages - Seeds of Success"
30 June 2020

Despite covid making our work more challanging, we are progressing with the preparation of our project materials - doing online interviews, recording audio and video and creating text and worksheet-type materials for parents and professionals working in multilingaul contexts. For more detailed update please have a look at our second newsletter.

First project meeting and first Planting Languages - Seeds of Success newsletter
13-15 January 2020

Between 13th and 15th January we participated in the first in a series of meetings of organisations working together within the Planting Languages - Seeds of Success project. The meeting took place in Brussels in the headquarters of Foyer. In the meeting all of us presented conclusions from the interviews that we conducted between October and December with multilingual families (thank you to all those who participated in it!). The conclusions served as a basis for the planning of the next stages of the project – including the preparation of first drafts of materials for young parents and professionals working with multilingual families.

We have also discussed the thematic range and specialist literature to be included in our materials and agreed on the forthcoming tasks.

You can learn more about the project and the progress so far by reading our first newsletter.

International cooperation within the Planting Languages - Seeds of Success project
01 October 2019

Planting Languages - Seeds od Success is a 2-year international project co-founded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. In the course of the project APPLA, in cooperation with organisations from Belgium, the Netherlands, Cyprus and France, will work to falicitate sustainable development of Family Language Policies to ensure optimal language development and wellbeing of children in multilingual families from the start.

More about the project.







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